Celebrating women at PB: Morae Christian

Morae Christian interviewed by Madeline Johnson

Title: Mechanical Process Engineer

Location: Innovation Center, Danbury, CT

Tenure: At Pitney Bowes for 3 years

What brought you to Pitney Bowes?

I was an INROADS intern for Pitney Bowes during college. I enjoyed the experience so much when a position opened up I had to jump on the opportunity.

What’s your favorite thing about working here?

I really enjoy the company culture and all the opportunities there are for personal growth. Everyday offers up new challenges and an abundance of cross-functional teams to take them head on.

What lessons did you learn that prepared you for the work you do today?

  1. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is how to adapt in an ever changing environment. Project priorities and client needs can change overnight. We as PB employees need to remain flexible in this demanding environment.
  2. I’ve also learned its OK ask for help. Everyone gains different experiences over the course of their career. These experiences can be mutually beneficial and can directly impact revenue and client satisfaction.

How has your experience helped you to exemplify our High performance culture focused on Client. Team. Win. Innovate?

My experiences have allowed me to streamline the process of identifying the correct resources to get to meet aggressive deadlines. Whether it’s helping to manufacture one of the first Epic Inserters to installing the OneSort Parcel Management, every completed project is a notch in my belt that I wear with pride. I believe when a cross functional team has a Can Do attitude not only does PB win, so do all of our clients.

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