PB’s Commitment to Learning

By Nancy H Greenfield

The All Day DevOps event is an annual software industry event delivered online live, globally, over a 24-hour period, with Keynotes occurring in all time zones.  Companies who have led the way in DevOps principles and practices and those who have delivered successful results share practical insights.

Pitney Bowes was among the 124 for companies who made it onto the All Day DevOps “Club 20” board, which includes some of the biggest technology companies like Amazon, Microsoft, WiPro and many others.

In conjunction with the All Day DevOps presentation, a “Continuous Testing” session, sponsored by the SDLC Solutions team, and presented by our vendor, CA, and was made available globally via live web broadcast.  Ron Lopes from our SDLC Solutions team and PB’s DevOps Community organized an office viewing party and Sonatype provided the SWAG.

Helping facilitate the event in Danbury, CT, US from left to right: Sha Syed, Andrea Murphy, Nancy Greenfield, Anand Patel, Ron Lopes

There were a number of speakers from Google, where the term Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) originated.

A “Continuous Testing” session, coordinated and sponsored by the SDLC Solutions team to be part of the All Day DevOps presentations, was conducted by a vendor, CA and made available live through a web broadcast.  It attracted approximately 45 people, globally, not including individuals in viewing rooms in regions outside of the United States.

The Sonatype All Day DevOps contact reported that Pitney Bowes team members joined from Bangalore, Faridabad, Noida and Pune in India, Bielsko-Biala, Poland, and Chatham and Ipswich, United Kingdom.  In the United States, colleagues joined live from Boulder, Colorado, White River Junction, Vermont, New York and Troy, New York, Fenton, Missouri, and Danbury and Shelton, Connecticut.

For those interested in viewing any of the All Day DevOps session recordings, please visit: https://www.alldaydevops.com/nowlive

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