Tips from a Pitney Bowes Recruiter

Wendy Dembin

Global University & Campus Program Manager

Human Resources/Talent Acquisition

What advice would you give a recent college graduate starting their job search?

Do the research!  Spend time reviewing available background information regarding the company or organization you are targeting or interviewing with. Remember the interview is always a two-way street.  Ask yourself; is this company’s culture one I want to be part   Visit their website to learn about their challenges and accomplishments. Review press releases or look for published articles.

Research the names of those you will be meeting with on Look at the University he/ she attended their field of study, previous positions they have held and companies they have worked for in the past. Most importantly, get an understanding of how they got to where they are now professionally. The information you have will assist with the flow of the interview and raise talking points, which will make you stand out as an applicant.

Conducting research will also provide you will more insight as to what types of questions you can ask the Hiring Team at the end of your interview.

  • What is your company’s culture like?
  • What is a typical day in the life of a (job title) here at ABC?
  • Why do you enjoy working for ABC org.?
  • What is the biggest challenge your department is facing the present day?
  • What do you look for within a new employee?

Before you leave, make sure you have contact information for the interviewer. Do not be afraid to ask the interviewer, “What are the next steps in the interviewing process.” or “When should I expect to be hearing from you?  Not only does this show enthusiasm, but also how assertive you are.

Send a follow-up email or “thank you” letter (make this short and to the point) within 24-48 hours of your meeting. This shows appreciation for the interview panel’s time. As you sit down to write this letter, reference something mentioned during the discussion that piqued your interest in the company.  Briefly reiterate why you think the job would be an excellent match for your skills.

What if your search didn’t reveal your ideal job? Don’t worry.

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