Michael Harris’ Lessons for a Successful Team off the Field

Michael Harris is accustomed to working under stressful conditions. From his prior career in the NFL as a cornerback for the Jacksonville Jaguars to his current position as Team Lead in Jacksonville, Michael knows that no two days on the job will be the same. With such little consistency, Michael applies the most important lesson he learned from playing professional football to his job at PB: “no matter how bad of a day you’re having, it doesn’t have to be the reflection of another.”

Bad days are inevitable. In professional football, it could be due to a fumble or missing a tackle. In a world that is always changing, Presort has to navigate constant improvements to better fit the client’s needs and enhance efficiency. With so many changes, problems are bound to arise. However, greatness is found in response to this adversity. Being able to let go of a prior problem isn’t easy, but Michael believes that “each day is different.”

In other words, each new day is an opportunity to improve and excel. Instead of dwelling on a prior problem and allowing it to affect the present, Michael chooses positivity. Even something as simple as a smile or words of encouragement can go a long way, which is why Michael tries to get to know each and every person he works with. Not only does this promote teamwork, but it also demonstrates how his positivity is genuine.

This positivity directly translates to the preparation aspect of his leadership style. While playing football, Michael needed to mentally and physically prepare for games in order to play at his best. That same meticulous preparation is applied to his work at PB. He often gets to work 30 minutes early to check emails and figure out a game plan so that his employees can be as prepared as possible regardless of the changes that may occur.

Although the operating center in JAX looks a little different than a football field, Michael’s application of positivity is just as relevant. One bad day doesn’t have to turn into another. It is inevitable that circumstances will change, but something that can be constant is your attitude towards them.

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