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PB’s focus on CX wins major international award

Pitney Bowes has just been awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2019 Design Value Awards for our Client Experience (CX) Strategy and one of its key components: our Client-Centered Innovation Program. Sponsored by the Design Management Institute (DMI), these prestigious, global awards recognize teams that have delivered significant value through design or design management practices.

Where does PB fall on the Waffle House Index?

When it comes to hurricane preparedness, how does Pitney Bowes compare to Waffle House, a US restaurant chain whose reputation for exceptional disaster preparedness earned it an index – Waffle House Index – that the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) uses to judge the severity of a storm? If our response to Hurricane Dorian is any indication, we stack up well.

#Insidefirst journey: Nalini Vaidyanathan

Pitney Bowes is committed to taking an #InsideFirst look at our talent opportunities. Internal mobility means growth and development. It may be a move from one part of the business to another, from individual contributor to people manager. The #InsideFirst Journey series profiles employees enjoying success in a new role:

Career Empowerment Week Concludes

Career Empowerment Week concludes today with theme of “Continuing to invest in your career development today and OVER TIME.” Podcasts, panel recordings and online tools are available to help employees commit to choosing at least ONE thing each day to invest in their career.

Career Empowerment Week

This year’s Career Empowerment Week is bigger and better than ever with five full days of activities and resources available for all employees globally to help own their own career path. Don’t wish for a better career. REBOOT it. REFLECT, EXPLORE, BUILD and OWN.

Keys to our successful approach to social responsibility

PB’s history of corporate citizenship makes us a valued neighbor in our communities worldwide. We have been committed to social issues and understand the health of the community is intertwined. Our corporate citizenship programs are successful thanks to four key factors which are interconnected and foundational to everything we do.